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2019-2020 Year Schedule

April 8 Mon School Begins/AM Only(with Day Care)
12 Fri Welcome Party
17 Wed PTA Meetings (Venus / Mercury)
18 Thu PTA Meetings (Jupiter / Mars / Neptune)
21 Sun Welcome Picnic
22 Mon a compensatory day off (代休)
May 7 Thu New kids all day starts
12 Sun Welcome Picnic(予備日)
13 Mon Staff Meetings/AM Only(with Day Care)
23,24 Thu,Fri Venus,Jupiter Performances
27 Mon Water play starts
June 1,2 Sat,Sun Summer Camp (Venus Class)
3 Mon a compensatory day off (代休)
24~28 Mon~Fri Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars , Neptune 1st Observations
July 19 Fri Last Day of School/AM Only (with Day Care)
22 Mon Summer Holiday Begins(7/22-8/28)
22~26 Mon~Fri Extended Day Care
29~31 Mon~Wed Summer School
August 1~2 Thu,Fri Summer School
5~9 Mon~Fri Summer School
13~16 Mon~Fri Obon Holiday / School Closed
19~23 Mon~Fri Summer School
29 Thu Autumn Term Begins / AM Only(with Day care)
September 9 Mon Staff meetings /AM Only(with Day care)
22 Sun Sports Day
October 5 Sat Eiken Tests
15~18 Tue~Fri Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars 2nd Observations
21 Mon Staff meetings /AM Only(with Day care)
27 Sun Halloween Party
29 Mon a compensatory day off(代休)
November 8 Fri Neptune 2nd Observation
11 Mon Staff meetings /AM Only(with Day care)
15 Fri Autumn Picnic
December 6 Fri Family Show Rehearsal (AM)/(No Day Care)
15 Sun Family Show(PM)
16 Mon a compensatory day off(代休)
19 Thu Christmas Party
20 Fri Last day of school /AM Only(with Day care)
23 Mon Winter Holiday Begins (12/23-1/3)
January 6 Mon Winter Term Begins / AM Only(with Day Care)
20~23 Mon~Thu Venus,Jupiter,Mercury,Mars Performance
February 17 Mon Staff meetings /AM Only(No Day care)
25~28 Thu~Fri Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars 3rd Observations
28 Fri Parent-Teacher Meetings /AM Only(with Day Care)
March 2 Mon Neptune 3rd Observations / Parent-Teacher MeetingsAM Only(with Day care)
6 Fri Good Bye Picnic
9 Mon Parent-Teacher Meetings/ AM Only(with Day Care)
19 Thu Last day of school/Good Bye Party/AM Only (No Day Care)
20 Fri Graduation Ceremony
23 Fri a compensatory day off(代休)
24 Tue Spring Holiday Begins (3/24-4/5)