Welcome to London Bridge International School

July Comment

Welcome to another hot summer at London Bridge.  Let’s just hope we only have the heat to worry about now, and not another increase in virus infections in Kumamoto!  We’re looking forward to a fun Star Festival this month, so get writing those wishes.

June Message

We’ve made it to June. We’re happy that the school continues to run, and that the situation has not gotten worse. We’re hoping that we can get back to a more regular schedule. There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead though, but with everybody’s continuing support, I’m sure we can get through this difficult time.

May Message

It’s May again, but a very different kind of May this year due to the continuing pandemic. London Bridge continues to operate mostly as normal, although with a lot of cancellations. We will continue to keep a close eye on the situation and will let you know about any additional changes if they become necessary. We hope everybody is staying safe and well during this difficult time.

April Message

Welcome back to another school year at London Bridge. It’s the end of the school’s second decade, and the beginning of the third decade of the century! Where will we be in 2030? Nobody knows. But we do know that a new year usually means new kids, a Welcome Party and a Welcome Picnic. This year though, it looks like the new corona virus has come to upset all our plans, and everybody else’s too. We hope things get better in the next few months.

March Message

March, the beginning of spring and the end of the school year. The sad time when we had to say goodbye to our classrooms and teachers. Of course the saddest goodbye was for our Venus class students as they moved on to ‘the big school’. We wish them all the best and hope we see many of them again soon.

February Message

Seems like winter has finally come and we can enjoy some cold and frosty mornings. February is all about loving monsters. No! February is about love and monsters, so watch out for kisses and chocolate, and maybe some MONSTERS too!

January News

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Welcome back to the usual school schedule with a Venus class picnic and yet more class performances to look forward to. That’s right, more class presentations to watch after all those Family Show ones, if you still want more!

December Update

The twelfth month of December, the last one of the year, a time for reindeers and snow, skiing, sledding, let’s go! Well we don’t have all that, but we do have the Family Show (and Christmas). That’s our biggest event of the year, so please look out for information on the noticeboard. And you never know, we may have a little snow too, what with climate change and all that.

November Message

Remember, remember the month of November. It’s that one before Christmas, when the cool autumn weather finally comes to Kumamoto. A nice time to have a picnic we think. We hope it’s not too cold…or wet. We are also having a special meeting for Venus parents this month for any parents thinking of joining the London Bridge After-School Programs (‘English Club’ and ‘Big Ben’).