Welcome to London Bridge International School

November Message

Remember, remember the month of November. It’s that one before Christmas, when the cool autumn weather finally comes to Kumamoto. A nice time to have a picnic we think. We hope it’s not too cold…or wet. We are also having a special meeting for Venus parents this month for any parents thinking of joining the London Bridge After-School Programs (‘English Club’ and ‘Big Ben’).

October Message

The cold, dark and spooky month of October is here! Well, here in Kumamoto it’s more like the hot, sweaty and not so dark month of October, but it will be spooky at the LB Halloween party…you just wait and see.

September News (belated)

Better late than never eh? Welcome back to another term at London Bridge. The weather may still be hot but we have to get into training again for the first event on the calendar. Yes, that’s right, it’s Sports Day again. This year we are going for an ocean theme, so maybe it’ll make us feel cooler.

It’s August

The summer holidays are here, but that doesn’t mean that LB is closed. Three weeks of summer school and another week of Extended Day Care are scheduled over the holidays. There will be different staff members working in different classrooms, so be prepared for some surprises.

July Message

Here we are sizzling in the summer weather. It’s the last month of the term before the long holidays. That means we have three more weeks of regular studying and water play before summer school starts, and then we have more studying and water play for those lucky kids who can come. Oh yes, and don’t forget about the Star Festival, we are making our wishes again.

June Message

Suddenly it’s getting hotter and more humid. It’s that time of year again when spring comes to an end with a great splash! We have an overnight summer camp for Venus to start the month and then we have will have regular water play if the weather is warm enough. We will finish the month with class observations. We hope you can come.

May Message

The end of spring is coming. Say hello to warmer weather and lots of outside play before the rain and mosquitoes come! We have upper class performances to look forward to (Venus and Jupiter), followed by the Venus summer camp at the beginning of June.

April News

Here we are again. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. New parents are coming and some children are crying. These are the sights and sounds of April at London Bridge. Hello and welcome to our new students and all those younger brothers and sisters we’ve been waiting to meet.

March News

Spring is in the air. This means it’s time for changes at school. Everybody’s going to be moving up a grade. Jupiter kids will be knocking Venus kids out of the Venus classroom, and into a new school. So we’ll have a farewell graduation ceremony for them of course, but what else? A Goodbye Picnic and Parent-Teacher Meetings, that’s what.

February News

The penultimate month of the school year is here….can it be true? Only two more months and all of our students will be moving up again. So what’s happening? A romantic event (Valentine’s Day), another scary happening (Setsubun) and all that end-of-year stuff (class observations and reports). Enjoy the busy weeks ahead with us!