Welcome to London Bridge International School

May Message

The end of spring is coming. Say hello to warmer weather and lots of outside play before the rain and mosquitoes come! We have upper class performances to look forward to (Venus and Jupiter), followed by the Venus summer camp at the beginning of June.

April Message

Another school year begins. It’s the 18th year of the century and the 17th year of London Bridge. We’re looking forward to welcoming our new students this month and we will be celebrating with a Welcome Party and a Welcome Picnic.  This year, our picnic will be taking place earlier than usual so we hope the weather is warm enough!

March Message

March is here again already. We’re happy to have warmer weather and enjoy the beginning of spring, but we’re also sad that we’ll be saying goodbye to our Venus class students. This month we have parent-teacher meetings, a final farewell picnic and of course, the Venus Graduation Ceremony. Don’t forget your handkerchiefs and tissues.

February Message

Brrrrrr, the sound we make in February. But let’s enjoy the ice and snow, because we don’t get much of it in Kyushu. This month we have the usual seasonal happenings: monsters around school,  Valentine’s cards for our sweethearts and….. class observations? …..end of year reports? Yes, these are all February events too.

January Message

Welcome back to the winter term at LB. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break and are rested and ready for the school routine: dropping off, picking up, studying and playing depending on who you are. This month we have a couple of lower school performances to look forward to.

December Message

It’s the final month of the year, the first month of winter. A time to celebrate Christmas, eat too much and get presents. Before all that however, we have the amazing, the spectacular, the entertaining, all singing, all dancing Family Show. We hope it’s a good one.

November Message

Now it’s starting to cool down at last. We enjoyed our yearly autumn picnics. Venus went back to our favorite (dinosaur) museum and everyone else went off to visit the farm in Aso. And now we can get down to practicing for our Family Show performances.

October Message

It’s time for one of our favorite months: the one with cool weather, falling leaves, acorns and a scary festival at the end. For this year’s Halloween we are returning to that spooky shopping mall in Kengun. We also have class observations and some new students joining the school this month.

September Message

Welcome back to our regular school program. It’s still hot, but we will be getting ready for Sports Day almost as soon as the kids have settled in. We hope this year’s venue is cool enough on the day of the big event. Good luck Red Team. All the best Blue Team. Do your best!

July Message

July is here, and the rain has gone (hopefully). The hot and humid weather means that the first term is coming to an end and the long summer holidays are coming. We have our wishes for the Star Festival at the beginning of the month and a Last Day of Term party near to the end.