Welcome to London Bridge International School

November Message

Now it’s starting to cool down at last. We enjoyed our yearly autumn picnics. Venus went back to our favorite (dinosaur) museum and everyone else went off to visit the farm in Aso. And now we can get down to practicing for our Family Show performances.

October Message

It’s time for one of our favorite months: the one with cool weather, falling leaves, acorns and a scary festival at the end. For this year’s Halloween we are returning to that spooky shopping mall in Kengun. We also have class observations and some new students joining the school this month.

September Message

Welcome back to our regular school program. It’s still hot, but we will be getting ready for Sports Day almost as soon as the kids have settled in. We hope this year’s venue is cool enough on the day of the big event. Good luck Red Team. All the best Blue Team. Do your best!

July Message

July is here, and the rain has gone (hopefully). The hot and humid weather means that the first term is coming to an end and the long summer holidays are coming. We have our wishes for the Star Festival at the beginning of the month and a Last Day of Term party near to the end.

June Message

Summer is here again. Water play, summer camp and lots of rainy days. Hopefully in that order. If the rain holds off until after summer camp we’ll be very happy. However, when the sun comes out, we expect some serious summer heat. So please remember to wear your hat and fill up those drink bottles.

May Message

Here we are in May again. This time last year we had all the earthquake trouble to deal with. Happily this year we’re back to our usual service. We have performance days for Venus and Jupiter classes, summer camp preparations, and if the weather is good, water play will begin at the end of the month.

Welcome to a New School Year

We’re back again for another exciting year at London Bridge. April means warm weather, new beginnings and fresh starts. Different kids in different rooms, old teachers in new classrooms and a new teacher in an old classroom and of course, quite a bit of crying.

The New Year at London Bridge

Just a quick update about what’s happening this term. We have quite a few class performances coming up as some had to be cancelled for the earthquake in the first term. Report writing is getting underway as we check on the students progress over the year. Will they be ready to move up to their next class? Parent-teacher meetings will follow this. We also have quite a few school trips this term: Venus has a cooking day, all classes have end-of-year picnics and we will have our big graduate re-union event during the spring holiday. We have a few other changes planned for next year, so we’ll keep you posted… at irregular intervals!