Welcome to London Bridge International School

Wonderful First Term

Today marks the end of first term. We had lots of great events together including the Welcome Picnic, Firefighter Demonstration, Water Play, and decorating bamboo trees for the Star Festival. We are all looking forward to the busy busy busy second term with Sports Day, Halloween, the Family Show, and of course the Christmas Party. We hope that everybody has a great summer vacation, with lots of exciting adventures and a bit of rest too in preparation for term two. (TTFN) Ta ta for now ~

Star Festival

It’s July already and Star Festival is almost here (tanabata). The children have all talked about their wishes and dreams for the future and have tied their ‘wish papers’ to the bamboo. The trees are now decorated in the hall, and will be on display for the next week. Come and have a look if you have the time. And read about our children’s dreams for the future.

Nice Weather

After that strange early rainy season we seemed to have the weather has finally gotten nice and warm. As such, please make sure that your child has a hat and good shoes for running around in everyday. If you would like your child to put sunscreen on before going outside to play in the afternoon, please bring a bottle to school with your child’s name on it and give to your child’s teacher. Furthermore, please make sure to update the clothes in your child’s locker with t-shirts and shorts. I hope you all enjoy the nice weather on the weekends too♪

The Welcome Picnic

We would like to celebrate the start of the new school year with a Welcome Picnic which is to be held on Sunday, May 10th at the Country Park. We will sing lots of songs, play lots of games, and yes you can even enjoy two incredible performances presented by the LB staff. d-(^o

The New School Year at LB

A big welcome to all our new students who have started coming to LB for the first time this month. We’ve been very impressed with how quickly many of them have settled in and are getting used to the class routines. We are looking forward to getting to know them better over the coming months. There have been some small changes to monthly staff meeting days this year. Existing parent’s should take care to check the calendar on Mondays: some days are AM only, some are full days, sometimes with Day Care, sometimes without. Be careful. That’s it for now. Let’s look forward to another great year.

♫Love, love, love♫

Out with the monsters and in with the cherubs – it’s Valentine’s Day!( ♥ᴗ♥ ) All the LB kids are busy making crafts to celebrate this special day. I hope that this Saturday everyone enjoys a day full of love and surrounded by all the people precious to you. (Not “The One Ring” precious of course, you know what I mean, lol) (^o-)


We hope Neptune and Mars children weren’t too upset by the monsters who came to school this week. We even had a few tears in the upper classes. Some children seem to think the monsters looked a little like our London Bridge teachers. Now, some of our staff are sad that their students think they are ugly monsters! Oh dear, everyone gets a little upset at Setsubun.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to third term at London Bridge. We hope that everyone enjoyed their winter vacation. Did you go anywhere special? Did you do anything fun? Did you see many relatives? Be sure to tell your teachers all about what you did during your vacation.

The Family Show

We are hoping for a successful show this Saturday. Thank you to all the parents for their hard work in making costumes and taking their children to the dress rehearsal (as well as sitting through the long practice sessions!). Let’s hope all the hard work pays off this weekend.

Facebook Page

Hello Everybody! We now have a Facebook Page please check it out! If you don’t mind please become friends or like the page. The more friends we make the more we can post. Thank you for your consideration! London Bridge Staff