Welcome to London Bridge International School

Dates for School Visits

Just a short message for parents who are thinking of enrolling their children at London Bridge in the future. The calendar of school visit dates from October to December is up on the Japanese part of the site. Generally speaking most days fall on a Tuesday during term time, although there are a few Thursdays available. If the given dates are no good for you, it may still be possible to arrange another date for a visit if you contact the school. Thank you

New Student Applications for 2017

This mail is just to let English speaking parents know that ‘Enrollment Day’ (the day for the receiving of kindergarten applications for the academic year starting April 2017) will be on Saturday September 3rd, in the London Bridge hall. The gate will open from 8:20 AM and close at 9:00 AM. If there are more applicants than available places, parents will draw lots to decide who can enter and who can join the waiting list. More information is available in Japanese on the ‘London Bridge Japanese Welcome Page'(click ‘Japanese’ at the top of the page). Non-Japanese parents should be aware that there are priority ‘scholarship’ places available for children of foreign nationals, but applications for these places must be made early before September. After Enrollment Day there are unlikely to be any available spaces for the following academic year. Thank you.

End of Summer School

LB Summer School finished today and we have one more week to get the school (and the teachers) ready for the autumn term starting soon. It was great to see all the kids who made it to Summer School and we hope they enjoyed themselves. Water play was certainly popular with all classes. Thank you to parents for getting the swimsuits clean and ready every day. We’re now looking forward to seeing all of our children returning the week after next. So stay safe, and we’ll see you then.

Schedule Changes due to the Earthquake

More detailed information will be sent to parents  and included in the newsletter, but here are a few important announcements to be aware of: Parents of new students who are interested in enrolling at London Bridge can come and visit the school again after the postponement of such visits last month.  The first visiting day will be on Thursday June 2nd this week. The upper school performances (Venus and Jupiter classes) will now take place in the third term. The Venus summer camp has been rescheduled to July 8th/9th, taking place at the school. Summer holidays will start a little later in July.  The last day of school will be on July 22nd, a regular full day (not AM only on the 20th).  We will start the second term on August 30th (another regular full day). We are still seeking a venue for the rescheduling of Sports Day and the Family Show. For further information, please check the newsletter, e-mails and the school noticeboard. All the best to everyone.  Let’s hope for an end to the aftershocks and a return to normal soon.

A New School Year and …an Earthquake!

We hope everybody is surviving alright after the two big earthquakes last week. Although the aftershocks are set to continue for a while we are opening the kindergarten for morning classes this week starting tomorrow (Wednesday April 20th). If your child is able to make it to the school, we hope you can come. The kindergarten classes will be open from 8:30 am until 12 pm, please pick up your child by 12:30 pm. If you are delayed for any reason and can’t pick up your child in time, please contact the school. We will also have English Club classes on Wednesday and Thursday (20th and 21st). 5 pm classes will start at the earlier time of 2 pm, 6 pm classes will start at 3 pm. All classes will finish by 4 pm to allow everyone to get home before dark. Tuesday students are welcome to attend Wednesday and Thursday classes of the same level without having to arrange for a make-up lesson. More detailed information is available on the Japanese language pages. A mail has also been sent to all our registered parents. Best wishes to everybody over this difficult time.

Stomach Flu

There have been quite a few cases of the stomach flu recently so please try to keep warm and get lots of sleep.

Beautification Day

Thank you so much to all the parents who helped clean up the yard and plant lots of nice new flowers just in time for spring.Thanks to you the yard looks wonderful!

End of Year Events

Wow. Already it’s February and we are coming to the end of our school year. We will be very sad to say goodbye to our Venus kids next month. Before then, we have still some events to look forward to though. We are going to an aquarium in Amakasa for our Goodbye Picnic and Venus class have another ice skating day coming up. Class observations, reports and parent-teacher meetings, and then finally our fond farewell to this year’s graduates at the Graduation Ceremony. Thank you, as always, to our busy PTA members for their help with all our events.

Merry Christmas and See You Next Year

We were very happy with this year’s Family Show. The children of all classes put on some great performances and the whole event went very smoothly. We would like to say thank you once again for all your help and support in making such a great show. Without your help making costumes, helping children with their parts and driving them to the rehearsals we would never have been able to do it! Have a great Christmas holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Family Show is Fast Approaching

After the excitement of Halloween and the Autumn Picnic, you would think that things would start to calm down around here but they haven’t… Autumn performances are well on the way with Mercury last week, Jupiter this week, and Venus the next. And for the cherry on top everybody is hustling and bustling about getting ready for the Family Show. So feel assured, you will soon understand why your child has been singing those same strange songs even in his or her sleep! ha ha ha. Sorry about that! (^_-) Don’t forget we will need your child’s costumes by November 27th for the upcoming dress rehearsal on December 1 (Hip Hop Rehearsal) and December 3rd (Family Show Rehearsal). Thank you all for your help in getting ready!