Welcome to London Bridge International School

Typhoon Update July 10th

Thursday, July 10th, English Club classes (Comet, Polaris and Sirius) will take place as normal.

Star Festival

As you probably already know the Star Festival is just around the corner. As such we have set up two bamboo trees in the hall which all classes have decorated with their wishes. Please feel free to go up and take a look. (^o^)-b


Due to Typhoon Neoguri, the schedule for the Kindergarten and English Club will be as follows: July 9th (Wednesday) English Club will be cancelled.    July 10th (Thursday) Kindergarten and English Club will be cancelled. July 11th (Friday) Depending on how bad the the typhoon is on Thursday, the Kindergarten may be closed. We will contact everyone Thursday evening with the decision. If the school is open on Friday please be aware that you must prepare a lunch for your child as there will be no school lunch due to the weather. There will be a school lunch on July 14th (Monday) in exchange for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your understanding and we hope that you all stay safe during this dangerous storm. 


Thank you everyone for coming to our observation lessons last week, we hope that you had fun! If you have any questions or concerns about the lesson please feel free to ask your child’s teacher. We look forward to seeing you at the next observation.Thank you everyone for coming to our observation lessons last week, we hope that you had fun! If you have any questions or concerns about the lesson please feel free to ask your child’s teacher. We look forward to seeing you at the next observation.

Extra Student Places Available at London Bridge Kindergarten this April

A few student places have become available in the upper classes of London Bridge Kindergarten from the beginning of the new school year in April. Any children with English speaking experience who will become five or six next year (date of birth between April 2nd 2008 and April 1st 2010) are welcome to apply for a place. Children of one or more English speaking nationals, those returning from abroad or children who have attended another English speaking school are all welcome to apply. Please contact the school if you are interested in enrolling your child in the next school year (April 2014)

Change to the Yearly Schedule

This mail is just to let you know that the day after the Family Show (Monday December 16th) is a regular school day and NOT a day off on lieu as it says on the yearly schedule. Sorry for the mistake.

Important Information for Parents about enrolling at London Bridge from 2015 onwards

Parents considering entering their child into London Bridge Kindergarten in the future should read the following information: If this is a first time application, one or both parents are first invited to visit the school on one of our observation days. These are usually held on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, from 10am until about 11:30am. This term’s observation days run until Thursday November 21st. Please contact the school to arrange a date. After visiting the school the parents can decide if they would like to apply for a place. Children of foreign nationals (from English speaking countries), and younger brothers and sisters of existing students should let us know as soon as possible if they wish to join the school. As places are limited they should apply at the beginning of the academic year BEFORE they wish to join (between April and July). These children will get priority for a place in the school, but these priority places are not available from August onwards (of the year before they wish to enroll). Other applicants to the school will be asked to line up on an appointed day in early September and remaining places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. I hope this information is useful for any prospective parents.

Enrolment Day for 2014 at London Bridge

Parents wanting to enroll their children at London Bridge from April 2014 are invited to come to the school on Saturday September 7th. Parents may line up ready for reception at 7am, when applications will be taken. Priority for places will be given to the first in line. The school gate will be open from 12:00am (midnight) on Saturday morning and the school doors will be open to allow parents to use the toilet on the second floor while they are waiting. Thank you for your cooperation.

Summer Camp Photos

The Venus class summer camp photos are on display in the meeting room. If you would like to order photos please do so before Wednesday September 4th. Thank you.

Sports Day Practice

For the next couple of weeks until Sports Day, we will we practising for events most days. Could all parents please make sure that their children are: 1. Wearing clothes suitable for movement and exercise. 2. Wearing sneakers or running shoes. 3. NOT wearing sandals or crocs. After Sports Day on September 15th of course, we can go back to our usual dress! Thank you for your cooperation.