Welcome to London Bridge International School

London Bridge is the longest-established and most popular English international school in Kumamoto.  The school was set up to provide an alternative education for young children in Kumamoto.  A place where English would be the language of instruction and where educational standards would be based on a more child-centered learning model, as found in many Western English-speaking countries.
The intention was to encourage children’s individual creativity and build self-confidence, rather than stressing regulation and conformity.   The founders hoped to create an all-English speaking environment with an international outlook.
The school provides children with a broad-based, balanced curriculum that covers a wide range of academic subjects and creative activities in a secure, supportive and stimulating learning environment.
Welcome to London Bridge International School, where learning is fun.
London Bridge aims to:
  • Ensure a happy and safe environment where children can gain confidence and develop their potential.
  • Use stimulating teaching methods to encourage creativity and a love of learning while enabling children to become independent and enthusiastic learners.
  • Improve students’ English ability through carefully structured language and communication activities.
  • Promote a broader worldview and a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures.
The Teaching Staff
The Head Teacher, Jon Bennett, is a fully qualified Kindergarten / Elementary school teacher (U.K. certification) and English Language Teacher with a Certificate in Education and RSA English Language Teaching Certification.
He spent ten years teaching young children in England, followed by a further three years as a children’s English teacher in Japan before starting London Bridge in 2000.
The London Bridge teachers are all experienced professionals of different nationalities with varied educational backgrounds. There is an English native speaker and a fully qualified Japanese child care specialist in each class.
London Bridge International School
Head Teacher          Jon  Bennett


Leading U.S. Academic Recommends London Bridge
I didn’t know what a pleasant surprise awaited me when I was ushered into London Bridge to observe the classes of my host family’s son. The children were singing in English, listening to stories and doing projects with letters and numbers.
Having fun was an essential part of learning—all guided by a highly competent friendly staff of native English-speaking teachers. In all my years of teacher training at Georgetown University, I have rarely had such a good time observing a class. I couldn’t wait to see what the next class would be like. This is early childhood language teaching at its best.
Virginia D.Lezhnev, Ph.D.
Director, Japanese Ministry of Education One-Year Program in the U.S.A. 1993-2004 Center for Language Education and Development Georgetown University、Washington DC


To all the London Bridge teachers
 Thank you so much for everything you are doing for our children during the first stage of their education. I am writing to let you know what a great experience my daughters have had at your school. They are learning so many things, including what it’s like to have wonderful teachers. You have all exceeded my expectations.
Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, educational and fun environment for them. My wife and I will tell our friends what a great establishment you’re running.
Mohamed Camera,parent


Our eldest daughter is about to graduate from London Bridge and start elementary school. She has absolutely loved her four and a half years here and we couldn’t have wished for a better English preschool education for her. The curriculum is well-balanced with a wide variety of topics being covered, sparking children’s imaginations and curiosity and fueling their creativity and enthusiasm towards learning. London Bridge is also a great place for children to gain self-confidence in their creative, academic and sporting abilities thanks to the friendly and supportive professional teachers and staff. Throughout the year there are plenty of opportunities to see your child in action, be it the obstacle race on Sport’s Day or dancing and singing their little heart out on stage at the Family Show. Christmas and Halloween events are always a lot of fun too. We are extremely satisfied with the school’s approach to reading, writing and communication skills. Our daughter has acquired a great set of academic and social skills which we are sure will serve her well in the future. When it came to enrolling our youngest daughter at London Bridge of course we didn’t hesitate, and now we are looking forward to ‘doing it all again’.